Both religions groups from Islam and Christianity have started to publicly criticize the Pink Dot Event that support the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT). Although I have friends who openly declared they are lesbians, I don’t agree that they have to actively promote the event. What is the purpose? Are they trying to sow discord in our multi-racial and religious society? I’m uncomfortable with LGBT zealous attempt to promote the Pink Dot event. I’m worried as the event seem to be gaining momentum and I’m worried our youth might think it is the norm to be homosexual or bisexual which is not. In fact, I don’t understand why someone want to be bisexual. Isn’t it promiscuous?

If the pink dot event is organized so as to provoke the majority of Singaporeans who are mostly tolerant, then I hope the authority will step in. Somehow I think our government ask for it as the big sponsors are mostly foreign companies that employ more foreigners than Singaporeans.

What’s next after Pink dot event? Are they going to ask for same-sex marriage? I don’t really care what they do in the bedroom. But I do care that our society is not heavily influenced by western irresponsible democracy. Though USA enjoys freedom, their citizens are dying from rampant gun shootings and legalization of marijuana.

I think insulting LGBT is wrong. I also don’t think its right to promote something that is not right and natural.

I hope this Pink Dot event will not escalate and sow discord among Singaporeans.

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