So the big news going on in Philippines right now is about the Singapore “hate blog” which allegedly advocated and encouraged discrimination or unfair treatment of Filipinos in Singapore.

“The Philippine embassy has urged Singaporean authorities to take action against the blogger.”

I have to say that if that blogger was instigating or encouraging unfair or discriminatory treatment of anyone in Singapore, and if it violates Singapore law, then I guess there is some basis for action against the blogger.

But isn’t it ironic how so many blogs and other stuff on the internet speaks of the appalling behavior and stupidity of the Filipino where ever they may be? Has anyone considered the possibility that MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO DEAL WITH FILIPINOS AND END UP FORMING THE OPINION THAT THEY ARE STUPID AND CANNOT BE TRUSTED might just be true? If something is true, and you say it’s true, how is that “hate speech”??

Philippine Fail Blog does not advocate anything towards the Filipino people other than TO WAKE UP, STOP BEING SO FUCKING CORRUPT AND STUPID, AND START TO IMPROVE YOUR LIVES!!!

Philippine Fail Blog is here as a venue for people to share their experience of living in Philippines as it relates to the rest of the world. And if Philippines attempts to shut our mouths, it is obvious they simply want to continue working on keeping the cold hard truth about their culture of stupidity, ignorance, and corruption from getting out while they continue to try to give the impression they are so wonderful and the best at everything.

Philippine Fail Blog does NOT advocate violence, unfair treatment, or discrimination against any Filipino. The sad truth is, Filipinos commit ENOUGH discrimination, unfair treatment, and violence against themselves in their own country through their policies, laws, and everyday behavior. They certainly do NOT need any help from anyone in that area.

Philippine Fail Blog is primarily a community site, authored by many non-Filipinos, sharing REAL and TRUE experiences of our time spent in Philippines. Philippine Fail Blog is not a “Hate Blog” or “Hate Speech”. It’s just truth speech by way of sharing experiences, and expressing opinions based on experiences dealing with the overwhelmingly vast majority of Filipino natives, their policies, laws, and widespread corruption (which Philippines is known by within the world community).

If Philippines wants to continue to encourage the shutting down of sites that reveal the TRUE NATURE of the Filipino, instead of looking within, seeing and recognizing the mindset, attitudes, and crab mentality that make people put up blogs like this, instead of making a change to improve their situation, and simply choose to become disgruntled and try to silence the truth about themselves. Then they will be fighting to have blogs like these shut down for the rest of eternity. Because Filipino stupidity is on a level that is so mind-blowing and unbelievable, people JUST NEED TO VENT THEIR FRUSTRATIONS WITH THE IDIOTS.

If Philippines wants people to stop calling them stupid, corrupt, idiots, morons, imbeciles, brainless, incompetent, incapable…etc, They are going about trying to stop it the VERY WRONG WAY.

I would suggest to Philippines that you simply work on becoming a nation of people who are NOT stupid, corrupt, idiots, morons, imbeciles, brainless, incompetent, incapable…etc. I suggest you take a deep hard look at yourselves and ask yourselves why the world thinks you’re so fucking stupid, and why blogs and comments and online chatter is everywhere about Filipino stupidity. Consider the world JUST MAY BE RIGHT ABOUT YOU!!!

The Filipino wants to continue to behave badly, and if anyone speaks out against their bad behavior, they want to “take action against you” as if you have infringed on their right to be corrupt and stupid.

If you are undeniably stupid, and you do things and behave in ways which are unquestionably stupid, IT IS NOT HATE SPEECH to say so. It is simply speaking TRUTH.


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