Are Civil Servants Supposed to Make Political Comments?

What is this Foo character doing?

A civil servant and he comes tally ho! to defend Pinkie and his PAP party!

Isn’t there a conflict of interest in what he is doing? Does the civil service allow or condone this kind of thing?

The rot has set in, and it runs very deep.

Recently another civil servant by the name of Roy (not a Foo!) criticized the PeeAyam and his CPF policies to keep retaining money of their rightful owners.

He was promptly sued by the pink one.

And was also promptly sacked from his job at TTSH w/o so much of an ‘adios’.

And better yet, his hawker father was harassed by NEA’s “teh gu” for uncleanliness after hawking for some 20 years.

I can picture this Foo guy getting a promotion soon and an award or two come national day.

Like I said, the rot runs deep.

Very, very deep…


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