WHO can Singaporeans trust if not the present Government that has 60.1 per cent of the vote from the 2011 General Election (“Govt refutes author’s claims over public trust”; June 14)?

Do we have an alternative to this Government? Probably not given the fractured opposition and the risks of a brand-new government.

Will our country get any worse? Definitely not. In all fairness, things are improving, and change is being implemented for the good of the people and the country.

Political commentators should get real when assessing Singapore’s political landscape.

First, there is no need to be apologetic because there is no such thing as a 100 per cent mandate in a democracy.

Second, there is no urgent need to appease and regain the trust of the minority that is dead set against the Government.

Third, it is absurd to surmise that vandalism in Toa Payoh and the Prime Minister’s move to seek redress from a blogger indicate an erosion of the people’s trust in the Government.

Eroded trust from a finicky, fickle electorate is part and parcel of the democratic process. Leaders can be popular today and unpopular tomorrow.

But a single-digit drop in support could hardly be interpreted as a rising tide against the ruling party.

Having an opposition voice is healthy.

I am a proud Singaporean and if this is the government of the day, so be it. I trust its decisions.

Isn’t this what a democratic nation is all about?

Douglas Chua

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