The Pink Dot Movement has been gaining support year on year and now the FREE LOVE movement has achieved so much popularity and support from regular Singaporeans that religious groups are going all out to oppose our right for EQUALITY and LOVE.

We are already in the 21st century and all these religious people are still stuck in their traditionalist, conservative way of thinking. This is just like the PAP government who is stuck in its conventional ways and no longer able to think out of the box to lead Singapore forward.

For years we hoped that the PAP would have the foresight to come out of their old thinking and embrace the true meaning of EQUALITY but it is futile. On the surface, PAP say that they do not discriminate and will accept anyone talented enough to do the job. But till today, the PAP is still playing like a broken record, trumpeting how the traditional family is the bedrock of Singapore society and how a same sex union is frowned upon and unacceptable in Singapore.

The PAP is obsolete and has clearly lost the plot.

The Workers Party on the other hand has demonstrated their forward thinking and ability to embrace the inevitable future of LGBT equality. Even though WP chose not to declare their position on the LGBT community till today, this is clearly a tactic of strategic ambiguity. At the opportune time, we are confident that WP will express their support for the LGBT community.

What makes us so confident about WP’s eventual support for our FREEDOM TO LOVE?

Do you remember, Professor Daniel Goh, the rising star within the Worker’s Party, the man who wowed Singaporeans with his eloquence during GE2011? WP’s Prof Daniel Goh gives us hope that WP would eventually green light our FREEDOM TO LOVE.

During the HPB Homosexuality FAQ incident where religious zealots accused HPB of spreading pseudo scientific facts about homosexuals, Prof Daniel Goh came out in defense of the HPB FAQ, calling it factual and a reflection of the current social scientific and scientific understanding of homosexuality.

And during NUS law professor Lynette Chua’s book launch on the Pink Dot Movement, Prof Goh was one of the panelists who took questions on the LGBT socio-political situation in Singapore. Prof Goh’s keen interest and participation in LGBT issues give us renewed hope for the future.

The LGBT community no longer has to wait for the incumbent conservative PAP to change for the better. We can now rely on the forward thinking Workers Party to deliver true equality and finally gift to us the FREEDOM TO LOVE.


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