On the same day that MUIS issued an internal advisory to mosques on the LGBT issue, a group of Islamic scholars and clerics called on Muslims to refrain from attending events that support the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lifestyle or movement.

“Muslims should not attend any event which promotes and supports transgression … Attendance to such events is a form of tacit approval and support to the message of the event, such as permitting and normalising same-sex relations”, the Singapore Islamic Scholars & Religious Teachers Association (PERGAS) said yesterday on its Facebook page.

It said Islam “places great emphasis on establishing the family unit through valid marriage between a man and a woman”. Citing religious verses, PERGAS said Muslims supporting the LGBT movement is akin to “supporting other sinful acts, such as affirming that extra-marital relations are lawful”.

It did not allude to Pink Dot, an annual event to support the LGBT movement, which will be held next Saturday — the day before Ramadan begins. Nevertheless, it advised Muslims to respect the month and welcome it at mosques or at home with their families.

PERGAS said it “strongly urges” Muslims not to ostracise LGBT individuals, but reach out and offer “continuous moral guidance” to them instead.

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