Why Sikhs Can Keep Beards But Muslims Cannot in SAF?

During my 4th ICT, I have a corporal posted into my unit. He’s a Muslim with facial hair just like our Sikh friend in this picture. Not trying to stir any racial/religion issue here. But upon in pro, he was asked to rid of his facial hair without any second chances.

In Islam, Muslim men are encouraged to keep beards. But how is it that our dear Sikh brothers are allowed to keep facial hairs but our Muslim brothers are not allowed. This shows that the SAF is cultivating double standards.

The organization is being biased towards Muslim practising their rights in the SAF. As a Muslim, I am upset that after 40years of developing Asia’s best army, this MAJOR issue has yet to be ironed out.

Also, the serviceman has a letter from MUIS to allow him to wear track pants instead of the standard issue PT shorts. Sadly, he was not allowed to perform his IPPT due to his attire. Reasons were compromise of safety/possible heat injuries etc. We all know that it can be done but they just want to suppress our rights.

Harap maaf kerana mengguna bahasa english. Serviceman tersebut adalah FCruz. Saya adalah CSM beliau.

Authored by Izzat

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