When Were Filipinos Even Here to Help Build Singapore?

We can surely excuse the author for being ignorant about history.

When were the Filipinos here to help build this Singapore economy?

If I remember my history well, Singapore was founded in 1819 by Stamford Raffles, and the development of Singapore began with the arrival of the traders from near and far, and the infrastructure in this British Colony was built by laborers from India and China.

This island continued to grow as an entrepot largely from the hard work of the four main ethnic groups in Singapore – namely the Chinese, Indians, Malays and Eurasians.

Since when did the Filipinos featured as a significant ethnic group in Singapore from the time after Singapore’s founding in 1819 to our independence from merger in Malaysia in 1965 ?

Even from 1965 till the 1980s, the Filipino labor force was insignificant compared to their presence over the last ten years.

The four main ethnic groups in Singapore are seeing the numbers being reconfigured with this PAP Government in control.

Even within the Chinese ethnic group – the main dialect groups of Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hakka and Hainanese – are also seeing a slow restructuring with a huge influx of new arrivals from northern and inner provinces of China.

In another ten years with this PAP Government in control, Singaporeans will surely see new and different ethnic mix deliberately configured by the PAP.

Did this PAP Government consult Singaporeans in any way?

Was this part of the mandate that the 60.1% voters gave as part of their vote given to the PAP?

It is time that Singaporeans as a whole should awaken to the dubious attempts by the PAP to introduce their hidden agenda of changing the make-up of Singapore society that will allow them to continue their grip on politics in Singapore.

The First, Second and Third Generation of the PAP Government will soon pass on – but their destructive social re-engineering policies will surely threaten our collective future for our children and their children.

Emeritus Singaporean

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