PM Press Sec Chang Li Lin Used State Resources to Support PM Lee’s Personal Lawsuit?

We demand the Public Service Commission to launch an investigation on Ms Chang Li Lin, Press Secretary to the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong with the possibility of abuse of state resources and personal misconduct in her press release dated 19 June 2014 to the Economist magazine.

The defamation suit by Mr Lee Hsien Loong against blogger Roy Ngerng was initiated by Mr Lee on his personal capacity and no relations to his official duties as Prime Minister.

The Public Service Commission should come clean with Singaporeans on the following:

1. If Ms Chang on her capacity as Press Secretary to the Prime Minister abuse her position by assisting to draft the press release for a lawsuit between private citizens?

2. How much state resources including man-hours were wasted when drafting the press release?

Temasek Review

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