Malaysian Parents Give Up One Eye Each So That Their Baby Can See The World

A COUPLE plan to donate one eye each to their 17-month-old son so that he can see, Harian Metro reported.

Doctors told Yus Nurlina Mohd Yusuf, 25, and Khairul Syafiq Azmi, 27, that Khairil Mikhail’s left eye was not functioning while his right eye was impaired.

“My husband and I do not mind being blind in one eye so that our son can have a brighter future,” said Yus.

She said that at present, Khairil, who suffers from other medical issues, has to go to three separate hospitals for treatment every week.

“He has to go to Tuanku Jaafar Hospital for eye treatment, Malacca Hospital to treat his seizures and Kuala Lumpur Hospital to treat his growth issues,” she explained.

Yus said that a kind stranger had donated RM8,000 to the family to buy a used car so that they could take their son for his treatment.

Before that, the couple had to take Khairil by bus to each of his medical appointments.

Khairil’s medical issues started when he was diagnosed with having a bacterial infection in his lungs at just 25 days.

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