Bad Idea to Return CPF Money to Singaporeans at 55

It’s a bad idea to return all their CPF money to Singaporean men at 55. Here’s a very good reason. Please read the following Sunday Times report about a “Mistress Island” near Batam. I’m sure things are even worse in Batam.

Sunday Times, March 12, 2006

Mistress island

Welcome to Pulau Amat Belanda, second home to many Singapore men who visit their ‘weekend wives’ there

There is an island near Batam that receives, almost exclusively, male Singaporean visitors.

When the men get off the boat, they pay 25,000 rupiah (about $5) to register with the security men. Their passports are checked, and details such as their names, IC numbers and Singapore addresses noted.

Then they head to the homes of their ‘weekend wives’, rooms rented in stilted wooden houses. This is Pulau Amat Belanda, 30 minutes by boat from Sekupang port in Batam, an island that is a red-light district all on its own.

Almost every male visitor to the Indonesian island has an ‘exclusive’ relationship with a woman there, to whom they give a cash allowance of between two million and five million rupiah ($350 to $900) every month to keep them from straying.

Of the 35 ‘guaranteed’ Indonesian women there, 15 are married to Singaporeans – middle-aged Chinese bachelors, widowers or divorcees.

The wedding is a simple ceremony involving ‘paperwork with police and immigration department, and fees of several million rupiahs’, said Mr Yusran Zabaruddin, 26, secretary to the island’s village headman.

‘It’s a quiet affair, without the typical wedding parades and beating of kompangs (hand-drums). Official Indonesian marriage books are then issued to the couples.’

The rest of the women simply have a long-term relationship with the men, some of whom have wives back home. Other men visiting the island are barred from getting close to them, or risk being kicked out by the security men.

See how disgusting these men become once they have got more money in their pockets:

On a visit to the island last Saturday, The Sunday Times saw four elderly Singaporean men flirting with their wives over a dinner of rice and seafood at one of the island’s five restaurants.

One balding man proclaimed his love for his partner aloud, saying: ‘Saya cinta awak’, which means ‘I love you’ in Malay.

The security register logged 21 Singaporean men that day.

Said village headman Amir Das Pasiribu, 68: ‘Singaporean men who come here are old and lonely.

‘Over here, the women do not discriminate against them even if they are old or blue-collar workers.

‘They are respectful and perhaps that’s why many Singaporean men are drawn here.’

Many of the ‘freelancers’ are not too happy to serve the older men, who they say are sexually insatiable, but they are still hoping to settle down with a Singaporean one day.

As 20-year-old Ningsih said: ‘It is not easy servicing different men; better to just stick with one.’

I support the government to hold back CPF money. At least with CPF Life, Singaporeans won’t squander their money away like these disgusting men visiting Batam and other Indonesian islands.

What if these men bring back horrible diseases from Indonesia and infect others in Singapore?

Money is the root of all evils. Think of the harm these Singaporean men bring back to their families in Singapore.


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