Sent home in pain after 5-hour wait at A&E

I WAS recently taken to the accident and emergency (A&E) department at Singapore General Hospital by ambulance due to a knee injury which left me unable to walk.

I waited in a wheelchair from 2pm to 7pm.

When my turn finally came, I was seen by a young doctor.

She examined my knee and, without looking at my X-rays, said my case was not that bad.

She said I would have to wait till June 24 to see the specialist, since that appointment had earlier been set by my company doctor, who had written a referral letter based on X-ray results showing that I had fluid in both knees and that my left knee was swollen due to broken bone fragments.

Earlier, I had heard a more senior doctor say I could be put on the B2 priority waiting list, meaning I could be admitted to hospital.

If it was not for the pain I felt while walking, I am sure I could endure the wait to see the specialist. The young doctor said she could give me a jab but that would have been pointless as it lasts only three to four hours.

Giving me seven days of sick leave was also not what I wanted.

I told her that I could not walk, and she said that if I wanted earlier treatment, I could go to the private hospitals. If I could afford private hospitals, I would have asked the ambulance to take me to one instead of wasting half a day waiting, with nothing being done.

I am very disappointed over the treatment I received. I now have to limp between work and home until my appointment date.

Lee Miew Fun

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