Philippines Embassy in Singapore Asks Singapore to Take Action Against Anti-Pinoy Blogger

The Philippine Embassy in Singapore has asked the Singapore government to look into a blog post titled “Filipino infestation in Singapore – 5 point guide to showing displeasure without breaking the law”, and for local authorities to take appropriate actions against the blogger.

The post on the blog “Blood Stained Singapore” offered “tips” to its viewers on how to show displeasure towards Filipinos ‘through largely “peaceful”, non criminal means’. One of the tips involves asking for a change of service staff if the staff member happens to be a Filipino.

The Embassy published a statement on its website stating that it has communicated to the authorities about the blog post. It highlighted concerns that the content in the blog post could have devastating consequences to relations between the two nationalities.

Police confirmed that reports have been lodged in connection with the blog. A spokesperson for the police said that investigations are ongoing, but offered no further details.

The Embassy expressed in its statement that it believes the views of the blogger is isolated and do not reflect the general sentiments of Singaporeans. It encouraged Filipinos not to stoop to the level of the blogger and avoid responding to such bloggers via online channels, email, text message or any means of communication. It also asked Filipinos not to pay any attention to the blog as the author “clearly intends to create friction” between Filipinos and Singaporeans.

The Embassy further advised Filipinos to continue building good relations with Singaporeans and observe local regulations as guest and friends of Singapore. Filipinos are advised to be careful with activities that can be used against them by malicious bloggers to further their agenda against foreigners, and for them to cooperate with the authorities of Singapore should there be any threats made to their personal safety and security.

The original blog post which was first published on May 24, was taken down for a short period before being republished on Monday (June 16). As of this morning, access the the blog has been disabled, with a sign that says “the blog has been removed”.

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