In history, often it is about being in the right place, at the right time. Can anyone point out how many things in politics and society are in black and white other than perhaps mathematics and the hard sciences?

With politics arguably skewed on a vertical incline against any opposition party in this little red dot, perhaps because destiny led to an “ocean whale being in charge of a small fish pond” and what happens next is not beyond the imagination of even retards, how many people who had done well in life would have the courage and conviction to take up the plough and risk their good lives to stay on the same side of the peasants?

If everyone takes the high road and try hard sounding like saints and angels, what about many anecdotal evidences of the poor, the downtrodden, the disadvantaged etc suffering abuse, extreme poverty, hardship, even utter despair and death ……. ? When our society is able to spend billions and billions on white elephants and vanity projects, what disables it from extending a concerted effort and a genuine, caring hand to pull the unfortunate from the brinks of poverty and the throes of extreme despair and certain downward spiral and eventual death ….. ?

What do we call that? Unforgivable tragedies and sins in a land of plenty? Or just mere digits not unlike all the casualties and deaths in a brutal war? Do we as a society pretend such misfortune and ever increasing tragic occurrences do not exist? Do we act like deaf frogs while drawing obscene remunerations? Or do we act like ostriches with the heads stuck in the sand? How do our society proposes to solve these problems given the aforementioned OB markers, fear, suppression, pretense of those in charge to be deaf and/ or blind? Waiting in vain or perpetual eternity for the self preserving co-drivers? Waiting for 2016 while tragic cases after tragic cases unfold right in front of our eyes and under our very noses?

In the name of chasing to be par excellence and creme de la creme in almost anything that are outward material tangibles, ostentatious, vain, egoistic, opulent, decadent mirror image reflections …… etc, who holds the divine rights to adjudicate what is right or wrong? Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy or Kuan Yew, the “God” of the “Lightning Rod”?

Is it really that important to one’s existence to be perched on the throne of self glorification and righteousness when many suffered terribly and some even died in agony in the process in our supposedly wealthy society? Where is the compassion? Are people still human if no sense of remorse or empathy still exists in them in their selfish pursuit of one more gold nugget, one more converted sycophant, one more self serving corrosive yes man and woman to carry out their biddings ……

What exists in a human society when there is no more care, concern, empathy, mutual help and understanding to see each other through this journey on earth?

A hollow empty object?

Oh yes, an extremely inflated balloon with hot air floating higher and higher without any sense of direction into thin air and oblivion ……

Is this the vision of a great leader?

Is this what sycophants, yes men and women are unquestioningly and blindly complying every single day in awe of their GREAT LEADER?

Are we the S E Asian close cousin of one pariah state in N E Asia?

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