Netizen Who Took Expose Video at Hri Kumar’s CPF Dialogue Hit by Car

Good morning my friends from US & fellow k/b warriors @ Sg. I’m alright since “Cats hv 9 lives”.

I hv no idea who the driver was. Soo Chow Way is a small area with a lot of landed properties. I don’t trust 999 anymore after my incident with that drunkard molester @Jln Ikan Merah.

U guys hv a wonderful Wednesday. We hv a common vision to accomplish next GE. So don’t speculate. I’m sure silencing games include average Singaporeans like you and me.

Life is, u win some, u lose some….and I’m proud of all of the freedom fighters ! I love u guys & gals especially Essie Joh, Chua Jean, Angela Tan not forgetting Zarina Jaffar!

Quote mentor Mr Robert Teh — People’s Alliance can CHANGE in fight for justice for exploited Singaporeans!

Have a good day!

Jaclyn Teo

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