Eateries Must Provide Quality Customer Service to Justify Ten Percent Service Charge

WHILE most restaurants impose a service charge at 10 per cent of the total bill, the quality of service provided can vary among them.

At some good restaurants, the wait staff make their customers feel comfortable and help them enjoy the food.

Used utensils are cleared and glasses are refilled promptly.

The manager may even walk around asking customers for feedback on the food and service.

This makes the customers feel appreciated and more willing to part with the 10 per cent service charge.

At other restaurants, however, the wait staff could be so busy that used utensils stack up and customers must look for someone to refill their glasses.

Where is the service rendered to justify the 10 per cent service charge?

Perhaps the service industry can explore some guidelines on service, so that there is a consensus on the service level among restaurants.

Restaurants can also strive to improve their service quality to justify the charge.

Lim Lih Mei

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