Children Arrested for Trying to Starve 90 Year Old Mother to Death

A 90-year-old woman was locked away and left to starve to death by her own children, police say.

Xiaoming Tsui survived a month of captivity in her bedroom by drinking water and eating a few porridge oats neighbours were able to throw in while her children were out.

When police burst in at the end of last week to free her after a tip off posted online, her first words were: ‘Please, feed me, feed me.’

Her daughter and son are now facing charges of attempted murder after police accused them of ‘a cold and calculating plan to get rid of someone they found expensive and tiresome to deal with’.

A police spokesman said: ‘The woman fell ill and to get rid of the problem of having to care for her, her children attempted to make her die from starvation in the locked room.

‘They didn’t send their mother any food, telling her it was so she didn’t need the bathroom, and would allow no-one in to see her.’

Neighbours in Yangjuan village in Hunan, China, who realised Mrs Xiaoming was not being given much to eat were able on several occasions to pass oatmeal up to her through an open window.

Although they did not know that she was being given nothing, it is believed that one of them was the person who posted the anonymous online message which alerted police to her plight.

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