Call to Abolish the Elected Presidency

I have no quarrels with MP Denise Phua’s bold and unprecedented call to abolish the Elected Presidency.

For such a speech to be delivered in Parliament reflects the stirring of the return of democracy and freedom of speech to our land. That the new Whip did not interrupt her speech or call her to order is also another good sign.

I am not convinced by the rationale of the ex MM, that Singapore needs things like EP. GRC or NNP to make us a more robust country. It is irrelevant that he took 15 years to hatch this gimmick called a EP just so to frustrate a new so-called “rogue government” from squandering our reserves.

I also do not buy his logic that his younger colleagues bought his formula because they cannot field a better team. They were probably too afraid to disagree with him for fear of losing their jobs.

The EP is an undemocratic institution whose purpose is to frustrate the will of the people and undermine the supremacy of parliament. No new government rogue, dummy, clown, or stupid would succumb to the dictates of a rump President left behind by a government that has lost the mandate of the people.

Imagine a minority President Tony Tan left behind by a party that has lost power to say the WP. Why should the new government have any regard for the so-called second key held by the rump President. It would just make a new key and throw away the old one and the rump President cannot do anything at all. Not unless he has the guts to call on the Chief of Army to conduct a coup on behalf of the party that has lost the mandate.

It is good to return to our founding days when things were simpler and not so convoluted. It may take a long and exhaustive search to unearth a few good men or women who can perform the role of a ceremonial presidency not for the love of money, ego or power but because they harken to the call of duty, patriotism and love for the people and the nation.

Thank you

Patrick Low

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