Is ICA letting just about anybody into Singapore?

I refer to the recent news that 3 impoverished men came into Singapore for weeks and survived by selling tissues. I want to ask ICA the following questions:

1. How could these men get visas for so freaking long?

2. We have seen many regional beggars coming into SG to beg and sell tissues also. Are they given long-term tourist visas too?

3. Recently, my PRC friend applied for a single entry tourist visa, he was given 9 weeks multiple entries by ICA. Why is ICA giving such long-term tourist visas without valid reason? Who is a tourist for 9 weeks?

4. In the above news, these people are “impoverished” and they get to stay so many weeks and in the end, committed murders. Are our visa application appraisals really so lax?

I really wonder why ICA is so generous in approving long-term visas whether or not an applicant really needs one. I see more and more foreigners parking themselves here to look for jobs. Is ICA approving long-term visas without them asking for it an indication that government wants to help foreigners get jobs in Singapore?

It is so strange that when Singaporeans go overseas, other governments are very strict with their visas but ours has made Singapore like a tourist hotel.

And government keeps saying they are curbing the inflow of foreigners. Do you see the hypocrisy and that they are not doing what they say?

Concerned Singaporean

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