PAP fanatics revealed address of elderly lady at CPF dialogue

Andrew Loh: I never post things from this odious PAP page but this, I find, is well below the belt and is totally irresponsible.

I’ve blanked out the address (road name) of her house which FAP had included at the bottom of the picture.

The old lady is asking for her CPF money back. What does where she lives have anything to do with it?

I hope the PAP will have some decency and condemn this by FAP, and find out how FAP came to know of her address and even a picture of her house.


Ravi Philemon: In September 2012 a rabid Facebook page which sympathises and supports the PAP made a comment about me which could be taken as an incitement. On the advise of Andrew Loh, I approached a PAP MP and asked if this MP had any influence over this group.

The MP replied me that the group is not part of his Party and that the creator of that page is not a PAP member as well, but said that he will try and reach him on the matter. The MP replied me little later saying that he had sent the word out to this individual.

Thanks to the MP, the content was eventually removed.

I am making this conversation public now because I am disgusted that this same rabid group has made public the address of the 76-year-old woman who participated in the CPF dialogue organised by the Bishan-Toa Payoh MP. She was assertive but never got out of line.

I wonder if the MP who organised the dialogue, Mr Hri Kumar, is able to send word out to this rabid group to delete this post. The elderly woman is his constituent after all, and should not be shamed in this manner.

I also wonder how this rabid group got the address of this older woman.


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