Man admits to tainting colleagues’ drinking water with semen

By Angelina Dass

Sim Keng Tee, 35, pleaded guilty on Wednesday afternoon to two charges of mischief where he tainted two of his female colleagues’ drinking water with his semen.

This was two of 10 offences he pleaded guilty to in court. The names of victims were not revealed to protect their identities.

The civilian officer in the Singapore Police Force mixed semen into his colleagues’ drinking water on two separate occasions in 2008 at his office along Irrawady Road. He has since been relieved of his position in the police force.

On February 21 2008, he masturbated to a photograph of his female colleague, and collected the semen in a small bottle. He recorded himself doing this on his handphone.

He then returned to his office and waited for her to leave her desk temporarily. When she did, Sim mixed his semen with the drinking water in her water bottle. He also recorded this.

As the water bottle was tinted red the victim did not realise the water was no longer clear.

Sim then struck up a conversation with the victim when she returned to her desk and secretly recorded her drinking the tainted water.

Two months later, on April 2, 2008, Sim repeated his actions with a second female colleague.

This time, instead of pouring the semen into her water bottle, he poured it into her bottle of green tea.

As the bottle was wrapped in plastic, the victim did not realise the difference. Again Sim, struck up a conversation with his victim while he recorded her drinking the water mixed with his semen.

Sim saved these videos on his personal computer at home.

These videos and more were discovered in a police raid conducted in 2009 when a third female colleague reported him to the authorities after she caught him taking up-skirt photos of her.

The police raid also revealed that Sim had taken videos of four of his colleagues and had organised the videos on his personal computer into separate folders named after each victim.

How he was discovered

On September 10, 2009, Sim approached a colleague at her desk and asked her to pass him a stack of documents.

While she was standing up, Sim squatted on the opposite side of the desk.

When she turned around, she noticed that Sim was holding his mobile phone under her skirt.

After a struggle, she managed to grab the phone and discovered the upskirt shots of herself.

She then reported the matter.

In court today, Sim pleaded for leniency saying he had voluntarily put himself through medical check ups and counselling sessions.

Further to the 10 charges that Sim pleaded guilty to, another 149 charges will be taken into consideration for sentencing to be held on December 1, 2010.

For intending to intrude upon the privacy of a woman, Sim faces imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or a fine, or both, for each of the eight charges at hand.

He also faces imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or a fine, or both, for each of the two charges of mischief faced.

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