“My brother recently had his GCC(Guards Conversion Course) Parade. Everything was great but things got a little bit delayed due to parents and relatives not moving and adhering to the announcer’s instructions to return to their seats on time.

All was well until I realised my bro had to submit an apology letter to the higher ups to apologise for their ‘unacceptable behaviour’ that caused the delay. So now soldiers are blamed just because their parents and relatives wanted to stay on the parade square a few minutes longer?

Sure, they could have been firmer with their loved ones and requested them to go to their seats. I’m sure if the parents knew their sons would get punished for this delay they would return to their seats quickly too.

But still, don’t you think this is abit too ridiculous and unreasonable? Yes, as Guardsmen they have to be responsible. But these are parents, you don’t command your parents to return to their seats and expect them to obey. And some parents were overly enthusiastic, refusing to return as they wanted to take more pictures. I know because my dad was one of them.

For such a joyous occasion, the higher ups just have to be such wet blankets and play the blame game. As a loyal soldier, my bro isn’t complaining. But as someone who had been thru the army, I’m disappointed that nothing has changed.

Respect to those who have graduated to become Guardsmen but have to go through typical shit like this even at their proudest moment. And to the higher ups who spoiled the occasion with such an unreasonable demand, you are the reason why the army isn’t more respected than it truly should be. Shame on you.”

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