I believe in the need for diversity in opinion and freedom of expression. But I cannot take on a us-versus-them at all cost approach when it comes to discussing such matters.

So even though I am an opposition supporter, I will also say that the whole defamation suit is thoroughly ridiculous on both parties and it’s been politicized to create a false underdog martyrdom, when the whole crux of the matter really is – Don’t make false and damaging claims that are unfounded and steeped in lies.

I know a lot of opposition parties and supporters are positioning this as a repression of the 99% in Singapore and human rights and whatnot, but it really isn’t. And the whole matter has been blown out of proportion on both fronts.

For those who argue that it is about CPF, the bugbear with CPF is not transparency. It’s really a stretch to claim that the government is cheating us of our money. The issue is with mismanaged expectations on how it’s been allowed to be used for healthcare, housing, investment, etc. when one has all these big-ticket expenses to fulfill and finite funds in the pocket. That’s another issue that takes into account housing prices, healthcare premiums and subsidies, and the like.

It’s good for society to have the ability to express ourselves, but we also need to have discernment to look beyond seeing a situation in a simplistically black or white fashion.

Had to say it. Said in personal capacity. Now I await the backlash.

Nicole Rebecca Seah

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