MediaCorp’s Bryan Wong’s English is atrocious!

Dear Editor,

I write to complain about MediaCorp’s atrocious English, or their artiste Bryan Wong’s atrocious English, to be precise.

In an advertisement for a game show coming to Singapore called ‘Minute To Win It’, Bryan Wong is featured somewhere in Tampines getting people to try and flip 2 tea bags onto the peak of a cap.

I’m sure most Singaporeans have seen the ad.

At the end of the ad, when most of the triers have failed to perform a seemingly easy act, Bryan Wong smiles and says, “It’s deceptively easy!”

No it’s not!

It’s deceptively DIFFICULT!

“Deceptively easy” means something looks difficult but is actually easy. “Deceptively difficult” means something looks easy but is actually difficult (the reverse).

The worst thing is that Bryan Wong looks so smug saying “it’s deceptively easy!” as if he has just said something very clever and has shown the whole world how good his English is….. NOT!

Haiz… this is what you get from 2-bit actors who think their English is tok kong, and this is what you get from a crap broadcasting station that doesn’t even know it’s made a terrible mistake and keeps running that dumb ad.

No Shit

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