Hello everyone, just a quick update. I’ve just been fired from my job. I’ve been expecting this.

The stress of the court case has made it difficult for me to concentrate on my job. And my advocacy on the CPF has also taken a toil on my ability to do my job as well.

I am still proud that I have had launched some first campaigns at my workplace at my time here, and formed some closed relationships. Though, I could have done a lot better over the past few months. My supervisors have been patient but they also have a responsibility to uphold and I respect that.

I know there are some rumours that the ISD is planning to arrest me. They have no grounds to. But I will be watching later and tonight (someone told me they usually come at 3am).

It is perhaps a pity that when all I want is to speak up for my country and my fellow countrymen that I should be prosecuted for doing the very thing that a citizen should uphold for their country.

It is our right to speak up and to defend our country and our fellow Singaporeans.

This few weeks have been hectic. Thank you for being here. I need to go back to packing, as I need to vacate my office today. Everyone is standing around and watching.

I do not know what will happen to me later or tonight.

All I did was to speak up for our rights and our protection. All I did was to do my duty as a citizen and a human person.

That’s all I ever wanted to do.

This is all we should ever want to do.

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