‘Return Our CPF’ protester wakes up to find his CPF monies returned to him

A “Return Our CPF” protester woke up this morning to find all his CPF monies accumulated in his compulsory CPF account returned to him by the government in cold hard cash.

This after he protested the day before at Hong Lim Park on June 7, 2014, to demand the government return all of his money in his CPF account.

Kong Chee Kim, the Singaporean who has been angry for so many years about not being able to withdraw his CPF money, said: “This Hong Lim Park protest to demand the government give us back our CPF monies is really super effective.”

“We spend so much time, money and effort setting the place up and gathering people under the hot sun to hear a bunch of other people give speeches and then we get what we want in return.”

“So this just proves that all we have to do is shout slogans and write up placards and sell T-shirts with some words on it and we will have our demands met.”

At press time, the man said he just woke up and the experience of having his CPF monies returned to him is just a dream.

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