Teen killed Grandma for interrupting his DOTA game

After being scolded by his grandmother while playing a popular computer game Defense of the Ancient 2 (DOTA 2), a teenager mauled his poor grandmother to death just because he lost his concentration while playing his favorite computer game.

The 17 year-old boy could not remember what happened because he is also in the influence of drugs on that day according to police officer 3 Jaime De Jesus who interrogate the suspect when he was arrested.

According to the witnesses, the suspect is playing DOTA 2 together with his friends in a internet cafe after his grandmother scolded and yelled to him, the boy stopped playing and his grandmother fetched his grandson at around 6P.M GMT + 8.

When they arrive at home he started to attack his poor grandmother, the 72 year old victim died on the scene receiving some fatal injuries in her head, neck and chest. There is also a defense wound on her arms a proof that the victim tried to defend herself to his crazy grandchild.

The police arrived when some of their neighbor notice that there is something wrong happened they immediately report it to the nearest police station but its too late, they arrived when the suspect is done killing his grandmother and cleaning all the evidence in the crime scene when the police is attempting to arrest the suspect, the boy told them that he don’t know anything because he blacked out when the crime happened.

The Police recovered a washbasin used to clean up the house next to the victim’s dead body, they also recovered a ceramic shards that used to smash the victim.

Now the suspect is in the custody of DSWD waiting the suspect to turn 18 so the police can put the suspect in the jail .

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