SingPass Login Failure

I wanted to change an appointment in SingHealth and I have to login via SingPass. SingPass is something that the Singapore government provides and it has allowed me to check CPF and file my IRAS. Needless to say, I have been using those two websites without issues until I tried SingHealth. The login failed. I have the right password. Except, after loading the profile page, I have to change to another profile and the site immediately tells me to login. Again.


Thinking that something is wrong somewhere, I logged in. Again. And again. What the h*ll? Why do I need to login multiple times without being able to do something simple like change my appointment date?! If that’s the case, then, something is very wrong somewhere. I know there is this Heartbleed issue going on. I use Chrome to do it and using the government internet to login to the government website. I’m in the same sector and I get rejected. Bloody barnacles!

Therefore, SingPass either buck up its HTML or whatever OpenSSL issues that it has or I sue you for wasting my time. Yeah, like I will ever get any money out of suing them. If can I do it at home, I think something is wrong with the network at work. Apparently, the network isn’t very stable and the firewalls are doing a darn good job that even their own websites fail to be authenticated by their very own firewalls.

Someone told me to call and scold SingPass. Ya, as if they will actually listen to me. Scolding only delays what needs to be done and I don’t want to scold anyone on the phone. It doesn’t give me the satisfaction of seeing the actual person cringing in terror, or some other facial expressions.

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