Foreigner Hiring Manager Gives Top Priority To Fellow Countrymen Job Applicant

It is an open secret – If the hiring manager is a FT, it is quite certain that Singaporeans will NOT be in the hiring list.

Some years back, my company was restructuring the operations here and as a result, some sections were made redundant. My team was affected but was somehow glad that the company gave us support and helped us to look for other openings within the organisation. Fortunately, my team(2 locals, 2 FTs) managed to secure other offers within the company in Singapore.

One day, the FT colleague (from my ex-team) spoke to me about an offer from another company. As our skills were pretty much specialised(ok, not rocket science of course but something unique), I was rather surprised when she told me the job scope from that offer because I applied for that position too! When I mentioned that company’s name, she was equally surprised. Through the conversation, I understand that the recruiting manager and my FT colleague were from the same country.

In fact, she was asking my opinion (I don’t know why) if she should be taking up the offer as she wanted to try something else. She was so confident telling me that the hiring manager will be giving her top priority, just waiting for her to sign the offering letter. Eventually, she accepted that offer and left the company.

A real example that I have experienced and I am sure there are many many other similar examples. So other than some wayang show, I am wondering did our government put in effort to tackle this issue?


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