If you're reading this because you've got your ballot number, congrats! If you haven't gotten yours yet, it should still be something worthwhile for you to know. The following are a few tips and things to consider when choosing your unit:
1. To avoid the sun from shining directly into your windows, don't choose units that face east or west. Provided that nothing is blocking your flat, the north-east and south-west facing units will get more breeze due to the monsoon winds.
2. If possible, avoid choosing lower floors which have windows facing the multi-storey carparks (MSCP) as not only will it be harder for you to sell your unit next time, but you may have your peace disturbed by the closing of vehicle doors, the odd alarm sounding off, and exhaust fumes.

3. New flat designs also may have some units' kitchen and service area, or even the master bedroom, close to the common corridor. If you're thinking "Surely not that bad, what, right?", you may want to check out recently built projects yourself to take a look. I'm exaggerating somewhat, but the proximity is so close that it looks as though someone with an above average standing broad jump (SBJ) result could pop in for a visit. Also, since the laundry-drying area is in the kitchen's service area, all your outer and inner beauty is on show. *gasp*

Master Roshi after seeing your laundry hidden in plain sight from the corridor.

Some examples of the corridor being close to the kitchen etc:

Master bedroom windows beo-able (viewable) from the corridor close by.

Kitchen and service area. Railing included in the picture frame for distance reference.

Air-con ledge for the satki SBJ record holders.

Its good that grilles are placed along the corridor to prevent people from having too close a look into the unit, but it darkens up the common corridor.

Corner units should provide more privacy in this case, but if you have limited choices left, then you'll have to consider how to improve it with curtains or tinted/frosted windows.

4. Another thing to consider is whether yours and your next door neighbour's unit is in the middle of a corridor that is away from natural light AND both your doors are recessed. Why? Because if there is no natural light coming in, and since the common corridor light is off during daytime, it means the entrance to your home will be very, very dark. Check out the layout below to (hopefully) get what I mean. Darkened area is highlighted in red.

And here's how it looks like during daytime.
5. Other things to consider:
– Chandeliers. Looks sibei swee, but guess who will have to clean it at the end of the day?

– Flooring. The industrial look may be gaining popularity nowadays, but do avoid laying metal flooring as they could potentially cut bare feet. Other than of course posing a hazard if there is an electrical leak somewhere, somehow.

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