PM Lee contemplates dropping lawsuit to leave CPF blogger with $70,000 administrative headache

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have a lot of money locked up in their CPF account, agree that CPF blogger Roy Ngerng will be left with a massive administrative headache if things don’t go ahead as he planned.

This after the the blogger raised $70,000 from the public in three days in preparation for his defamation lawsuit filed against him by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

However, Singaporeans are anticipating PM Lee to pull the most classic political move in the last 50 years of Singapore’s history: By dropping all legal action against the blogger and leaving him with a $70,000 goldmine in his bank account and an epic administrative headache.

One local, Hong Kan Leow, said: “How will Roy Ngerng reverse transfer all the money? And what if people later come out and say they didn’t receive a refund?”

“Ji bai siao liao.”

“And you know what would be an even more classic move pulled by PM Lee after Roy Ngerng really returns all the money to his supporters?”

“File the lawsuit again. Hahahahahaha.”

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