It’s no longer about the CPF or defamation, it’s about how much we hate PAP.

Dear ASS,

In what is likely to be a first for Singapore politics, Roy Ngerng has raised a whooping $50,000 just within 3 days. That’s $20,000 shy of his target of $70,000, which Roy says that’s how much is needed for his legal defense fund excluding the possible damages payable for Lee Hsien Loong.

Make no mistake, Roy is likely to lose the case. He has already apologised and removed the articles which, legally speaking, strongly indicates his guilt and that he was aware of his error in alleging that Lee misappropriated CPF funds.

So, if Roy did not want to settle the case out of court, why did he apologise and asked for extension after extension when he was prepared to go to court? Now we know it was a wise calculated move to keep this matter in the limelight so that public attention would stay on him.

I am no legal expert but this case doesn’t seem to be too complicated because the facts are clearly laid out. The judge would not review and decide whether the CPF is a fair system or not. His job is simply to decide on what Roy has written, which many would agree that it is defamatory.

We all know how the judge will rule. Not only because Roy is fighting Lee and Lee has certain influence over the judges, but also because the judge has no choice. The judge has to protect the reputation of other public figures like monks, CEOs and pastors. So if someone would to write online that XXX pastor is sleeping with boys but has no evidence to back it up, he would likely be found gulity of defamation. That is the law, unfortunately.

So why is Roy asking for so much money? First, his lawyer M Ravi is likely to be quite broke as he has been doing a lot of pro-bono work for human rights cases like death penalty, 377A and Little India rioters. Second, Roy might quit his job to join opposition politics full-time and campaign for issues such as CPF, income tax and 377A. These people need money to keep their dreams alive.

As we can see, this law case is not about the CPF scheme and it is also not about defamation which is a likely forgone conclusion. This case is about how Singaporeans have come to hate the PAP and how PAP have been forcing unpopular policies down our throats without carefully explaining them.

So if Singaporeans are looking for some real change in 2016, the time is now to support Roy Ngerng! Let’s unite to make sure his war chest is big enough to see him run for the coming election as an opposition candidate!


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