[YOUR LETTERS] My Take On The PM vs Roy Ngerng Case

Hi. These are my views on The PM vs Roy Ngerng Case.

Roy has written about 400 articles criticising the government and its policies. The PM did not sue him.

Obviously the PM does not have time to talk to every person in the country who criticizes him.

When he defames the PM, the PM has two choices; sue or don’t sue him.

If he does not sue, he admits he is corrupted.

So, he has to ask Roy to apologise, remove the relevant content, and pay for damages.

In two other similar cases, nobody went to court.

Those two other persons can still criticize the PM. In fact, they have, in some cases, done a better job.

Roy deliberately aggravated the situation. The PM has to press charges.

Roy is raising money from the public to fund the legal suit.

Many people must realise that they are not donating to support a political or a good cause.

It’s for allegation that he defames the PM, the elected leader of the country.

In a way, it’s like supporting somebody for doing something potentially wrong.

If we are not careful, the people who support the PM will also do the same thing against people who are against him and his party.

That’s how many democracies have tore fabric of society apart. That’s how law and order can break down.

I feel sad for Roy and have tried to advice him on his Facebook.

I also feel sad that the PM has no choice but to sue Roy otherwise we will lose respect for him and the leadership of this country.

In many western countries, politicians have become a joke. Government is a waste of time.

Is that what we want in Singapore?

Patrick Liew

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