Will HDB payments wipe out my entire CPF ?

Hi there, with the recent questions about CPF, I have a question that maybe the expert on the internet and forums can shed some light on this since PAP prefers to remain silent .

If a HDB flat is going to end its 99 years leasehold, does that mean all the CPF money spent on paying for the flat comes down to zero, I also understand that
in the past the PAP has some SERs programs, but I don’t think this will continue, because I see lots of condominiums going up in Singapore.

Another question is what about foreigners (PR) who ditch their PR status and sell the HDB flat for profit and they also leave with their CPF money, is this not a windfall for them?

To date PAP has not told us how many PRs have profited from selling off their HDB flats for profit and left the country to seek greener pastures.

One more question I have is how are people going to pay for the mortgage when they lose their jobs, and with the explosive influx of foreigners, the chance is very high for Singaporeans to become jobless because foreigners are xenophobic and prefer to hire their own country man to form a circle of protectionism in Singapore.

Don’t take my word for it, you just have to look in your own office to see it for yourself.

Also does anyone know why PAP let PRs profit from public housing?

So in the end once our flats reach 99 years, we got nothing left to give our children, also someone said if you got no money when you are old, you can sell your flat, so I ask them after selling my flat, do I stay in the Istana or at a bus-stop?

Once more thing to add, how is anyone going to have CPF, when they are jobless?

So when you are jobless, how do you contribute to CPF, and how do you meet the minimum sum, and how do you pay your mortgage?

Also lets all support our true son of Singapore ( Roy Ngerng), we all are in this together shoulder to shoulder brother!

We will spread our CPF message to everyone who holds a CPF account calling for answers!

Please watch this motivational video, it’s the same for our CPF!

See you on June 7th at Hong Lim Park!

Best regards


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