Singapore youths, blogger Roy Ngerng is not your hero

To the youths whom I have taught you in your school:

Blogger Roy Ngerng who now faces a law suit from the Prime Minister is NOT your hero. I have prepared a few pointers for you to ponder on.

1) Respect your government officials. They were legally voted into office and have the right to be in office. They deserve some respect.

2) If a person is unhappy with the PM or with any govt policy, there are proper and legal ways of doing things. You have many channels including having opposition members of parliament to fight your case.

3) By blogging unsubstantiated accusations repeatedly (300-400 blog post on CPF and other issues) tantamount to cyber bullying. In this case, he picked on the wrong guy to bully.

4) The PM, in my opinion is already very patient considering that this is not a one off blog post, but a repeated provocation like poking a stick at a hornet’s nest.

5) Freedom of speech does not mean irresponsible speech. If anyone can say anything he pleases, lies will be propagated and this will hurt the country’s image and hurt investors confidence. A good lesson is what is happening to Thailand right now as we speak. Freedom of expression, protest on the streets, immobilized business and transportation. This led to martial law, civil unrest, fall in tourism and loss of investors’ confidence in Thailand.

We sacrifice a lot for peace. Let’s not squander it.

There are proper channels to air your views. Roy Ngerng is not your hero, don’t follow his example.

Christian Chua

ADDED: I didn’t expect this post to go viral, and the Main point of this post is to encourage students to have a responsible behavior. Be rational in all situations. This is not a politically driven post and I can understand if a small minority of you have different points of view, that’s ok. Unfortunately, I will not be responding to any further rebuttals. (Any nonconstructive comments with personal attacks or profanity will be deleted)

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