4 Malaysian football fans jailed for disorderly conduct outside Jalan Besar Stadium

Four Malaysians convicted of disorderly behaviour outside Jalan Besar Stadium have been sentenced to a week’s jail.

A fifth Malaysian arrested, Mohamed Kamil Kamal Basha, 28, disputed some points in the statement of facts and a pre-trial conference has been set for June 9.

While a fine is more typical for these charges, the prosecution pushed for a short jail term, citing several aggravating factors.

Firstly, the five arrested had been shouting football club slogans.

Given the Singapore-Malaysia match happening at the time, the prosecution argued, there was a real risk that “attacks could have been made on persons on the basis of nationality”.

Also, the disorderly behaviour went on for about half an hour, indicating a “high level of disobedience” to police instructions to stand down and disperse.

Deputy public prosecutor Nicholas Lai urged the court to consider the incident in light of the Little India riots last year, which he noted had been sparked by rumours that a foreign worker hit by a bus had died. He argued that the same thing could have happened in this instance.

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