Honda Civic ‘road bully’ fined, disqualified from driving for 2 years

SINGAPORE: The Honda Civic driver caught on video driving in an aggressive manner has been fined S$5,400 and disqualified from holding a driving licence for two years.

Another charge of rash driving was taken into consideration.

Undergraduate Quek Zhen Hao, 25, was arrested after two video clips which showed him tailgating, overtaking and braking dangerously in his car were circulated widely online.

After the video clips went viral, netizens branded Quek a “road bully” for his reckless driving and posted personal information about his family and girlfriend online. He later posted a video on YouTube apologising for his behaviour.


The court heard that Quek was turning into a two-way lane at a car park at Petir Road on Jan 28 this year around 9am. A car driven by 40-year-old Madam Goh Siok Ling was coming from the opposite direction to exit the car park.

As there was another car on the road, there was no space for two vehicles to pass alongside each other safely. Mdm Goh reversed her vehicle immediately to give way. Quek only inched his vehicle forward although there was ample space for him to pass.

To avoid a confrontation, Mdm Goh exited the car park from another route.

Instead of going on to park his car near his house, Quek tailgated Mdm Goh. He swerved and cut abruptly into her path thrice without signalling and braked, causing her to jam the brakes to avoid a collision.

Near the zebra crossing at the junction of Petir Road and Dairy Farm Road, Quek stopped his car and strode in a threatening manner towards Mdm Goh’s vehicle, causing her alarm and distress. She locked her doors and drove off along Dairy Farm Road.

Mdm Goh made a police report later that afternoon.


In pointing out the aggravating factors in the case, Deputy Public Prosecutor Selene Yap said that Quek posed a serious risk and danger to Mdm Goh, causing her to brake suddenly three times to avoid a collision.

She also pointed out the degree of persistence, with the incident lasting five minutes.

In the court session today, Quek said he was “very remorseful” and that he was “stupid” and “did not think properly” at the time of the incident. He added that he often had to spend long hours on the road as he did deliveries for his father in the shipping line.

In the sentencing, District Judge Soh Tze Bian said he hoped that Quek would take this as a lesson and behave himself when he starts driving again in two years’ time.

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