71-year-old elderly man arrested for bus stop vandalism

The police have issued a statement today (28 May) saying that they have arrested an as yet unnamed 71-year-old man for suspected involvement in a series of bus stop vandalism cases that occurred along Clemenceau Ave, River Valley Road, Hill Street and Victoria Street.

Police said they first received a report of graffiti on the advertisement board of a bus-stop along Hill Street, at about 8am on 23 May.

Following the report, officers from Central Police Division conducted checks along Clemenceau Ave, River Valley Road, Hill Street and Victoria Street and found 11 other bus-stops affected with similar graffiti.

In addition, the electrical box at the junction of Hill Street and North Boat Quay, and stone seats along Stamford Road were also affected.

The words were written: “We support CPF Blogger. Return our CPF money.”

Ground enquiries, stake-out operations and combing through video footage from CCTVs situated at the affected areas helped police identify the man.

The man who fitted the description of the suspect was subsequently spotted along North Bridge Road at about 9.15pm yesterday (27 May). He was immediately placed under arrest, the police said.

The suspect, if convicted, could face up to 3 years’ jail and/or a fine of up to S$2,000. Those found guilty of vandalism could also face no less than 3 strokes of the cane, and no more than 8. However, only male offenders below the age of 50 can be caned.

Investigations are ongoing, police said.

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