Roy Ngerng, through his lawyer M Ravi, has offered the Prime Minister $5000 as damages, in what the lawyer deems a “reasonable offer”. It would be “reasonable” if the person being defamed is just another blogger.

Roy must be out of his mind to think that the PM would accept just 5K.

It’s really not about the money.

The amount is supposed to be an indication of Roy’s sincerity in offering his apologies, and whether he has understood the gravity of the situation. One just does not make claims about the PM in a blogpost without being ready to take it to the courts.

Taking down an offensive blogpost as requested, then uploading a video, sending out emails to the media regarding the posts, etc, is just not acceptable practice. Roy has been ungentlemanly.

I don’t think anyone is happy about the Minimum Sum being raised, or how our money seems all locked up in our CPF accounts, or how our government thinks retirees are incapable of managing their own finances and will fritter all that money away… BUT Roy’s not someone I will back. He can try to get an NMP position (haha!) but I’m looking for someone with more substance – someone more credible, someone who keeps his word, someone who knows when to “cease and desist” when things are clearly not in his favor.

Thanks for making all that noise, Roy. Now, save your own skin, and take this via another route (NMP or not).

p/s: Try offering a 5-figure sum, instead of $5K. Also, tell your supporters to stop all that graffiti lah. If you love your country, you don’t stain it like that.

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