89.7 Supper Club Food Court is NOT 100% Halal Certified

Dear R1C,


Saya ada mendapat email cutting ini dari seorang teman. Dan email ini ada some sensitive issues mengenai satu Foodcourt Halal di daerah Changi, i.e. 89.7 Supper club.

Saya adalah satu pengikut web lelaman rilek1coner dan pada minggu lalu, anda ada tampilkan satu artikel tentang issue2 halal mengenai Carousel.

Email yg saya attached agak2 mengandungi isu yang sama. Cuma lebih dahsyat lagi dan ada perkara2 yg tidak menyenangkan.

Selepas membaca balasan email dari Muis, saya rasa, kita semua sebagai umat islam harus menasihati satu sama lain. Supaya lebih kurang dosa2 yg kita lakukan tanpa kita sadari. Dan saya decide lelaman anda lah yg paling sesuai di singapura untuk kita semua Share issue2 seperti ini.

Saya harap awak boleh membantu dgn mengeluarkan email ini dan email balas dari muis supaya kita sama2 boleh menasihati orang2 muslim di singapura. Insyallah. Amin.

Terima kasih.

Dari Hamba Allah



—-Original Message—–
From: XXX
Sent: Thursday, 24 April, 2014 10:33 AM
To: MUIS Feedback (MUIS)
Subject: Halal food Establishments 89.7 Supper Club


To whom it may concern,

I am XXX, a concerned member of the public. I am a frequent diner at most Halal food Establishments in Singapore. When I mentioned Halal, I meant it to be Food Establishment that belong to Chinese owners but are certified Halal by your good office. I’m writing you this email as I noticed a few incidences that occurs at one of the Halal food establishment that is very concerning and disturbing. I feel that it’s time to bring up the matter to MUIS about this matter and for your good office to take necessary action, as the place is frequent by many Muslims.

The Halal Food Establishment mentioned is 89.7 Supper Club that is located at Blk 5, Changi Village. One fine evening,I was dining at 89.7 Supper Club, I saw the boss of the coffeeshop, brought in some packet food, which is  bought from a chinese food stall. Earlier, I saw the boss at the hawker, buying some food from the chinese stall and I’m sure he brought in the same packet food into the premises. As I want to be sure that my assumption is true. I went over and walk by the table that was located behind the cashier counter. I saw the boss and his wife eating some bbq chicken wings and char siew rice, which I believe is 100% pork. I’m so sure about this based on 2 points;

1) 89.7 do serve char siew rice which is made of chicken meat. If he really wants to eat char siew, why didn’t he just get it from his own coffeeshop.

2) I went back to the hawker to check and it is confirm that the shop where I saw him earlier, sold chicken rice and char siew rice. What worst, they are using their own utensil to eat the non halal food. I’ve read the Halal Guidelines fron Muis and it is clearly stated on the Eating Establishment Scheme that “staff are not allowed to bring in non-halal food and beverages into the premises” I also noticed that the Chinese chicken rice stall premises which is located beside 89.7 and I’m sure is NON HALAL will be utilise by 89.7 Supper Club after 9pm.

Is that even possible and allowed by MUIS?

As point 4.1.5 of the Eating Establishment Scheme states “any change to the location of the premises will invalidate the Halal
Certification and new application has to be submitted……”

Not to mention that the place have to cleansed by an approved person by MUIS. Do MUIS sent someone before 9pm to cleanse the place every day? And on one of the other occasion when I was there. It is probably around 11pm or later. I saw a group of people, whom I believe from China eating at the premises. I notice 3 guys from the group walking to and fro from the premises to a table located at the abovesaid Chinese chicken rice stall. To my horror, I saw beer cans on the table. So they are eating halal food at the premises and drinking beers at the other table. The same table 89.7 uses for their use after 9pm.

Isn’t it contradicting? Isn’t it disturbing? Is it right? Will u let your mom, your family or your kids to dine there if you see what I saw So the premises stay Halal when you consume beer outside the premises and dine at the premises at the same time? I am very concerned with MUIS credibility issuing 89.7 Supper Club with MUIS HALAL CERTIFICATION.

Coincidentally, I saw the boss walking to a tree very much near to the dinning area, lit a few joss sticks and did some praying
rituals and walked back to the stall. I went over and saw 2 deities there. YA Allah….!

Doesn’t it state that all deities have to hidden away from the public views? What is going on? I know that we live in a multi racial country. That is fine but to have deities smack right in front of the dining area? Have MUIS overlook upon this or closing one eye on this?

Which brings me to another incident. This incident happen before ithe earlier stated incident. I saw a Malay man, with a Muis pass around his neck, doing some checking, which I believe is a routine check on the premises. I’ve watched him the moment he stepped into the premises to the time he left the premises. I’m surprise that such a BIG premises took him less than 5 minutes of checking. He basically look at 1 or 2 bottle of sauces, check 1 workers identity and he is done. What disturbing is, he stopped his check and left after the boss handed him a white envelope. They shook hands and the check is over.

Is that MUIS protocol on checking of Halal Food Establishment? Is that how MUIS certified the place as halal. To make thing
worst, he dines at the premises after the check. Is that right? Is that professional? I’m not going to mention if he paid for the
meal or not.

I looked around me, there soooo many orang Islam kita. Makcik makcik & Pakcik Pakcik & families & Ustazs and Ustazahs all patronising their food stall 89.7 Supper Club. Saya teramat kecewa dan sedih dengan perlakuan mereka. Mereka seolah olah tidak langsung endah and tidak menghormati orang orang Islam yang datang makan di kedai mereka. As I was reading on MUIS guidelines for HALAL certification, there must be two HALAL appointed staffs, who have to be at the premises during operation hours.

So does 89.7 Supper Club at Changi village Blk 5 have those two appointed HALAL staffs…? I didn’t notice any muslim working during lunch hour. If they do, then they probably sleeping. I am very very concerned with entire whole issue. In fact, I feel so disturb by all these incidences. Saya dah nampak dan tahu tentang hal ini semua. Should I speak or should I just keep quiet. But if I keep quiet, siapa yang akan tanggung dosa?

Can the certification be shared among other stall holders? There is one rojak stall in the premises meant by a chinese man and lady. I believe that stall is rented out by the boss as payment of purchase have to make directly to them. Are they Halal certified? Or are they allow to share the Halal certification?

I seriously plead that MUIS HALAL certification committee will look into this matter the soonest. Ramai orang muslim yang datang makan di sana setiap hari. Bantu lah mereka. Jauhkan lah mereka dari memakan dari tempat yang tidak Halal buat masa ini.

I hereby suggest, in the event of trials of investigation, to suspend 89.7 Supper Club’s Halal certificate till it is all cleared and
good to go. Cover the Halal Marking at the premises so that our Muslim community will know that at this point, during the
suspension or investigation, the premises is a Non Halal Food Establishment. Or put up a signage to inform our malay muslim
community about the investigation. Do the right thing please.

I am actually very supportive of your work. Allowing malay muslim community in Singapore to enjoy good food and have a more variety to choose from. But if this is the way it is, it is better not to have these choices. I’ve no problem patronizing Halal Food Establishment if the correct practice is follow. But what I’ve witness at 89.7 is critical and extremely disturbing. These is just a few critical incidences that I notice there. I’m not sure if you have receive similar complaints. Or maybe it is Allah’s will to make me notice this to a point where by I strongly believe necessary action need to be taken  soonest to safeguard our Muslims community.

May I also suggest NOT to send the same appointed Muis officer to do the investigation as his action will bring conflict of
interest. It will defeat the whole purpose of investigation if he is deemed corrupted.

Please I’m begging you and pleading to you to take immediate action is very much necessary. Please save the muslim
community that patronize the premises.

I am hoping that the kind Muis Halal committee will revert back to me the soonest as I would escalate this matter to other
Ministries if required.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
24 April 2014




From: Ismail ABDUL FITREY (MUIS) <[email protected]muis.gov.sg>;
Cc: Dewi Hartaty SURATTY (MUIS) <[email protected]muis.gov.sg>; Munir HUSSAIN (MUIS)
<[email protected]>;
Abdul Rahim SALEH (MUIS) <[email protected]muis.gov.sg>;
Subject: RE: Halal food Establishments 89.7 Supper Club
Sent: Mon, May 5, 2014 9:00:50 AM

Salam XXX
Thank you for your email.

We have inspected the premises but unable to get similar findings. Nonetheless, we will be monitoring them closely.
For your information, it is our practice to rotate staff and that the same premises is audited by different officers.
Internally, we are also investigating your feedback.

Please note that we do not certify the whole food court but individual stalls in the food court.
Hence the scope of certification does not cover the dining area of the food court.
On placement of deities at the premises, we have advised them on the sensitivity and discomfort that may be faced
by some customers and that they are left to decide on what’s best for them.

In future, appreciate if you could send us pictures of any non-compliances detected to facilitate in our investigation.
May Allah reward you for your efforts in looking out for the best interests of our Muslim consumers.




Thank you Hamba Allah for sharing this encounter with the readers at Rilek1Corner

We were informed that 89.7 Supper Club Coffeeshop @5 Changi Village has NO AFFILIATION to RIA89.7FM. 

We strongly believe that MUIS should re-look into the halal certification issue especially on standardization processes. Taking 5 minutes to inspect the any halal certified premises as big as 89.7 Supper Club is a bit too quick isn’t it? Also the cutleries used for eating non-halal food should not be mixed with those halal ones. 

We also visited the 89.7 Supper Club and found that the MUIS Halal logo was clearly displayed on the banner. However, as MUIS had clearly stated in their reply to Hamba Allah, MUIS “do not certify the whole food court but individual stalls in the food court. Hence the scope of certification does not cover the dining area of the food court the 89.7 Supper Club”.

We just hope that restaurants, food courts or coffee shops run by non-Muslims really take pride in serving 100% Halal food to the majority Muslim customers, once they have obtained the certification from MUIS. Let’s not abuse the Halal logo and the name Halal certification for the sake of profits. Please don’t take short cuts and abuse the trust of Muslim customers. 

If you have any questions regarding halal certification, please contact MUIS

Halal Certification Strategic Unit
Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura
Singapore Islamic Hub
273 Braddell Road
Singapore 579702

Tel: (65) 6359 1199
Fax: (65) 6259 4733
Email: [email protected]muis.gov.sg

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