Roy Ngerng: I do not wish to be a MARTYR or seek ASYLUM

Hello, I’ve been asked to clarify about an article on Anyhow Hantam:

You can read it if you haven’t. In it, the following was said: ” Roy wants to be a martyr and seek asylum. Is he who ask me to help him one.”

I would like to clarify that this incident has never happened.

Please let me explain what I’ve been going through. The past week or so has been a roller coaster ride. Today is especially distressful.

I believe that if one would not need to go through such an experience, most would choose not to. I would be glad if I could go on in my daily life, advocating for fairer and kinder policies.

When I started writing 2 years ago, it was because I got to a stage in life where I felt at ease and at peace with myself. I saw the stresses that others felt and hoped that if I could advocate for a change of policies, more people could live happier lives.

That was why I started writing.

As more people read my articles, I realised that I have a further responsibility to raise more awareness, so that we could continue to improve the lives of one another.

My closest family and friends have asked many times why I choose to do this. I told them that it is only because I am able to. I am able to research, put things together and write about them. That’s why I do what I do.

Some people are better at other things. I just happen to be good at writing.

I wish that Anyhow Hantam could have spoken to me, for if he/she/they did, they could find out more about my life and my reasons for doing things.

My friends laugh at me when I say this but I tell them, “I write because I just want to be happy, so that everyone can be happy.” And this is the simple truth.

The past week has been a very unexpected journey and something that I would never imagine that I would go through. I knew that with my writings, at some point, I will face threats. But even then, when it actually happens, going through such an experience is still one that one can never prepare for.

I thank everyone for your well-wishes, support and encouragement. It means a lot and has helped me to go through every step of the way. I have remained strong and will continue to remain strong. I’ve always lived my life with the belief that if I do what is right and I stay true to myself, things will be alright.

And I hope they will be.

Thank you for being here with me on every step of the journey, in each and every capacity you can. I thank you. And I hope for the best.

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