I’d debate the person openly if he accuses me of something

Humph, so Dr. William Wan wants to be a NMP. So why doesn’t he speak out against the CPF minimum sum then? Forcing the elderly to work just because the CPF minimum sum is so obscenely high that they can’t touch their own hard-earned savings is downright cruel. Would the damned fool minister who came up with this heartless scheme ever do this to his own parents? No wonder so many people are enraged that they talk or even blog about it just like Roy Ngerng did. Unfortunately he said the wrong thing and got sued by a government minister.

Personally, if someone accused me of something, I would debate him publicly. Since I have all the facts, figures and documentary evidence, I’ll eat him for lunch. Then, I’ll be magnanimous and forgive him provided he apologizes and not blog about such matters in future without first verifying the facts. I would NEVER sue him since people will wonder why I didn’t rebut him with facts, and I don’t want to be seen as a mean-spirited, petty, small-minded, intolerant, cowardly bully who hides behind my wealth. But then again, I DO have a sense of honor and am intelligent enough to realize this. Can’t say the same of those who insist on suing people for their mistakes though…

Another reason why I won’t sue him is because people will raise awkward questions. For example, Mr. Khaw Boon Wan denied ever saying that the government was considering building retirement homes in JB and Batam, and even hid behind his religious beliefs, but never threatened CNA with a defamation suit for reporting that he did. What then are we to make of his denial? Likewise, the CPIB did not investigate the AHPETC’s awarding of contracts to FMSS Pte. Ltd like Ms. Sylvia Lim challenged the government to. What does this tell us about the accusation and accusers then?

Anyway, if the minister is convinced that the people support his stupid policy, he should resign his post, have his seat gazetted as a SMC and challenge Roy Ngerng to run against him to prove whom the people regard as more credible. But then again, the very fact that he sought immediate legal action instead of using it as a last resort speaks volumes…


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