Dear editor,

A beggar who claimed to be from Shenzhen, China was seen on the overhead bridge besides Khatib MRT station for the past 3 days. He was seated beside an empty plastic container. He has lost his left palm and right-thumb.

When passer-bys questioned him on whether they could assist, he replied the best way is give him money. When probed further, the beggar said he is from China and his wallet was stolen after he reached Singapore. He had the intention to look for a friend residing in Singapore. However, the beggar left the scene quickly after he was asked to provide a local address.

PAP MP for Nee Soon GRC Dr Lee Bee Wah has filed a police report regarding the matter. She urged the public not to pass money to these beggars these actions would embolden them. She do not want more beggars to arrive and tarnish Singapore’s image.

Will the Singapore Police Force take swift actions against these PRC “foreign talents” who have tarnished Singapore’s image?

Jonathan Yeo

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