Sinkies are a joke

Let me explain, let me explain. I know you are unhappy when I say that. Calling you Sinkies is already bad enough. Now calling you a joke, sure tak boleh tahan. But come on, the facts speak for itself. You can only be a Sinkie to be a joke. Or you can be a Sinkie and you can be a joke at the same time. Ok, Ok, hear me ok?

You protest and protest against the 6.9m PWP. So what? Your elected govt and elected representative say anything? Did they even bother to say, yes I hear you, but…, but…, but…? No. They simply ignore you and go ahead with the 6.9m. What can you do?

I know what you can do. Come the next GE, vote them to be your representatives in Parliament, vote them to be your govt again. This one I am very sure about it. Joke or no joke?

Let me try another one. You spent a life time saving for your retirement so that you can take things a bit easier, can flirt with whatever that fancied you, a bottle of wine, a few toys, one in each arm, or go on cruises to nowhere. But the rules keep changing until your money like not your money anymore. You want to spend on mei meis or toy boys, they said cannot. Then they said you must keep them in your CPF until you die, or you must spend them on compulsory schemes. But the compulsory schemes are going to cost more than a few mei meis or toy boys, but you gong gong, never say anything, like your money not your money like that. Let people do as they pleased. Joke or no joke?

You want me to carry on? Enough to admit that Sinkies are a joke? Ok, one more nail into the Sinkie-is-a-joke coffin. You know that high cost of car ownership is due to high population right? Then why you want to go along to have higher and higher population and pay higher and higher for that car? Then at the end you got to squeeze your own balls, if there is any, to convince yourself that taking public transport is good, ride bicycle is better, walking is the best. Joke or no?

Jokers! I could go on and on. And you are sooooo angry when I called you Sinkies and jokers. Not happy right? What are you going to do about it? Going to throw stones at me? That will not change you into something else. You will still be Sinkies and still be jokers because I did not make you a joker. I am only telling you the truth, holding a mirror in your face. You need to do the right thing if you want to be called Singaporeans or anything else other than being Sinkies or jokers. This is my version of sticking a spur into your hide, to not just to feel the pain, but to face up to reality.

Still think you are not Sinkie and not a joker? You don’t even see why or how you ended up in this pathetic state.

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