Singapore does not need Tan Jee Say’s right-wing xenophobic party

Hi All,

First of all, I just want to state that I’m a neutral and am happy to vote for an opposition party if it is able to provide good and credible candidates to represent Singaporeans.

At first glance, it appears that Mr Tan Jee Say’s new party, Singaporeans First, has some impressive candidates with very good resume.

However, I’m not very comfortable with its xenophobic stand by putting Singaporeans First and ignoring the contributions of foreigners to Singapore. Let’s face it, we need foreigners. Singaporeans are not producing enough to support our economy.

Adopting a xenophobic stand does no good for Singapore.

The UK also has a right-wing populist political party known as the UK Independence Party (UKIP). It is a xenophobic party against immigration. It also advocates leaving the EU and withdrawing from EU treaties. Even though it has been around in UK for some 20 years, it has yet to win a single seat in UK’s Parliament, the House of Commons.

Some of the UKIP candidates are known to be racist and connected to the far-right. Even the UKIP leader admitted that his party has a problem with some of his far-right candidates. One of his candidates did a Nazi salute and was captured on photo. The UKIP leader himself has also recently drawn criticism for referring to “coloured people” during a BBC radio programme (

The PAP government may have had some missteps in the past but certainly it is now doing the right thing by strengthening the social policies of Singapore. In fact, looking at the manifesto of Singaporeans First, its social policy is a copy of what the government is currently doing.

All in all, Singapore does not need a right-wing xenophobic party and I will certainly not vote for one as such.

Concerned Singaporean

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