Roy Ngerng should put in his best effort to compensate PM Lee with sincerity

I think Roy Ngerng Yi Ling should make an offer on the damages demanded by the PM. Taking down the offensive post and posting an apology which has been circulated worldwide are sincere acts of admitting his mistakes.

I don’t think the PM who aspires to build an inclusive society is seeking an astronomical amount in compensation from Roy. So, make an offer in the best of your financial ability which is affordable to you, Roy.

I am sure the PM would appreciate the term “affordable” which has been frequently and sincerely used by various ministers on national policies such as affordable healthcare, affordable housing prices, affordable public transport fares despite periodical fare increase, and so on.

The bottom line is sincerity. Please attach your bank statements, Roy, to show that you have put in your best effort to compensate the PM. That is sincerity.

Singaporeans don’t believe that a leader of a First World country is so heartless to want a peasant bankrupted. Make your offer, Roy, and all eyes will be on the PM’s response.

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