Are you a loyal Singaporean?

After 50 years of independence, political continuity and economic progress, we still do not have an official national identity, though, we have distinct characteristics that are uniquely Singaporean. But for Singapore to develop into a nation we need a shared belief or sentiment towards our country that binds us as one. We need loyalty. Do we have any professed loyalty to our country given that we are deeply divided by ethnicity? Or are our loyalty still entrenched in our ethnicity after 50 years?

When the government invokes Article 6, the future of our country will lie in the hands of the ethnic majority – the Chinese. But even among the Singaporean Chinese today, there are three trends of thought.

1. Singapore citizens who are still loyal to mainland China. They may oppose the CCP but China is still their motherland and adhere to the “national pride” that the CCP has constructed for them – the dream of a greater China. They are the ones who are refusing to integrate and actively turning Singaporean Chinese away from their loyalty to Singapore by claiming that China is still their homeland.

2. Singapore citizens who strongly identify with their Chinese cultural heritage and support China’s political rise, but also identify themselves as Singaporeans. It is not wrong to be loyal to two countries. But when these two countries are in conflict, which side will they choose? Which side will you choose?

If you choose to side with Singapore, then you will have to fight for the retention of our sovereignty and our freedom from the CCP.

If you side with China, you will be betraying the shared trust and sovereignty of all Singaporeans, regardless of race, language or religion. Siding with China makes you a liability to national defence, and a threat to the security of Singapore.

3. Yet, there are many like me who believe that our nationality supersedes race, language, and religion. We are proud to be Singaporean, and our roots start here on Singaporean soil. We are responsible for defending our

a. identity – our living, breathing Singaporean culture and

b. sovereignty – the symbol of our independence from both internal and external threats.

I am Singaporean.

Are you?

Fat MaMa

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