Leslie Chew: Denise Phua do what you promised and stop LHL’s lawsuit again Roy Ngerng

Dear MP Denise Phua,

If you can recall, sometime in May 2012 during a PAP’s election rally, you mentioned that the ordinary Singapore people, such as bloggers, are the real check on the PAP and hence there was no need to elect any other party into the parliament beside the PAP.

Today, we have on hand a grave situation whereby an ordinary citizen, a blogger, by the name of Roy Ngerng Yi Ling, who tried playing his part as a responsible and concerned citizen by checking on the PAP government regarding CPF matters. As he is an ordinary citizen without parliamentary immunity, instead of the answers he was seeking from the PAP government, he received a lawsuit from none other than the Prime Minister himself.

Pray tell, Ms Denise, were you pulling a fast one on the electorate that we ordinary citizens can be a check on the PAP when we ask question without the protection of parliamentary immunity? I certainly hope not.
Therefore, I kindly beseech you to honour your words, and to persuade and remind the Prime Minister of the election claims and promises that you have made on behalf of the PAP, to answer the people’s concern, drop all frivolous claims for damages, and to cease and desist from further using legal threats against the citizens.

Thank you.
Best regards,
Leslie Chew

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