5 Myths about Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

1) PM Lee curbs Freedom of Speech by using lawsuits against his critics

Absolutely not. Singaporeans are still able to criticise, scold, insult PM Lee online with impunity and nothing ever happens to them. Roy Ngerng is still publishing articles about CPF and posting victimised FB posts even after getting ‘davindered’. If there was no freedom of speech, would all these be possible?

2) PM Lee is a dictator who smashes his opponents without mercy

Nope. Despite having a full 3 days to set things right, Roy Ngerng still requested for a 2 days extension which was agreed by PM Lee. If it was a dictator at helm, Roy Ngerng would be given no extension and no mercy, no?

3) PM Lee is an elite who does not do the work himself

No way. If you look closely at Roy Ngerng’s defamatory infographic, it defamed not only PM Lee but also other individuals like Tharman and Ho Ching. Rather than sit back and allow others to take Roy to task, PM Lee makes a stand (knowing full well it would cause controversy) and takes Roy Ngerng to court himself. If this is not leading from the front, what is?

4) PM Lee doesn’t listen to the people

It is precisely because PM Lee is constantly listening to the views of all Singaporeans out there that he even bothers to pay attention to a small-time blogger masquerading as a expert on CPF.

5) PM Lee has to prove he did not misappropriate CPF monies

When your neighbour (Roy Ngerng) accuses you (PM Lee) of stealing (misappropriating) his slippers (CPF money), do you (PM Lee) have to prove your innocence or is the onus your neighbour (Roy Ngerng) to provide evidence and back up his accusation?

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