Thailand coup d’etat as military seizes power

Thailand’s army chief has announced a coup d’etat, saying the military is taking control of government.

In a televised statement, the army chief said the military would restore order and enact political reforms.

It came after two days of inconclusive talks by the main political factions. The army sealed off the talks venue and took the leaders away.

Thailand has been in political turmoil for months. On Tuesday the army imposed martial law.

The army is to send troops and vehicles to escort protesters away from rally sites, a senior army official told the Reuters news agency.

The latest unrest began in the Thai capital late last year, when then-Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra dissolved the lower house of parliament.

Demonstrators have blockaded several areas of Bangkok for months.

Earlier this month, a court ordered Ms Yingluck’s removal for alleged abuse of power.

Thailand has faced a power struggle since Ms Yingluck’s brother, Thaksin Shinawatra, was ousted by the military as prime minister in 2006.

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